Up and running

After a few hectic weeks, we have managed to not only move into the new office but also sort out a new website too.

The Shambles - home to Urban Media

The Shambles – it’s not always this quiet!

The office is fantastic and in a great location on one of York’s most famous streets. It’s quite interesting in that the Shambles dates from medieval times and yet every business on my floor is involved in new media!

We’ve got some great ideas for the office and will be installing a webcam at some point; not for people to watch us staring at computer screens but to monitor the hordes of tourists outside our office!

Hopefully, people will like the new website and we are currently uploading some of our older news releases and features for people to enjoy. If Google enjoys them too than that would be a nice bonus!

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch – we are slowly getting there (and trying not to be distracted by the all of the nearby pubs, cafes and restaurants that York has to offer!).

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