The Deep is one step closer to being ‘greener’

The Deep installation 3b

Fitting the solar PV panels to The Deep’s business centre roof in Hull

Solar panels have now been installed at one of the region’s best known tourist attractions as it works towards reducing its fuel bill and helping the environment.

Award-winning firm Discover Energy won the contract to carry out the installation for The Deep in Hull and a team has spent several days fitting and connecting the 299 panels which make up the 77.74kWp system.

Once the work is complete, the panels will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 20 domestic properties, this electricity will aid The Deep in running their popular aquariums.

Colin Brown, The Deep’s CEO, said: “We are delighted that the solar panels have now been installed and will be helping to generate our own electricity. As a conservation charity, we are committed to creating new ways of living sustainably and this is just one measure we have taken.”

Beverley-based Discover Energy is also making a short film of the installation on the roof of The Deep business centre for showing on a big TV in The Deep’s viewing gallery overlooking the site.

Mr Brown says the video will show how the solar panels were installed and what their impact will be on the tourist attraction.

Discover Energy is a fast-expanding installer of solar panels

Jack Oxtoby, Discover Energy’s technical manager, said: “Hopefully our work at The Deep will underline to other firms and organisations in Hull and East Yorkshire that installing solar panels can make a big difference to their energy bill.

“Installing a solar PV system will also help with establishing their ‘green’ credentials and can make for an excellent additional revenue stream with any unused electricity that has been generated being fed back into the National Grid, for which they will receive an additional payment.”

Mr Oxtoby added that companies of all sizes can benefit from solar panels and that Discover Energy are busy undertaking similar installations for engineering and agricultural firms across Yorkshire and are now one of the North East’s leading solar PV providers.

The fast-expanding company is booming because of its strong business offering which not only includes the installation of PV systems but also the monitoring and maintenance of all their installations, ensuring they are working as expected and producing the estimated quantities of electricity.

For more information about solar panel installation and how effective they can be for a business, contact Martin or Beth on (01377) 219066 or visit their website at

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