Solar power is still a viable business proposition


Discover Energy in Beverley says solar power is still a viable option for farmers and firms in Yorkshire.

Businesses and firms in the region wanting to cut their energy costs are being urged to consider solar power as a viable proposition for saving money and establishing their ‘green’ credentials.

The call comes from Discover Energy, one of the UK’s leading solar panel installers, who say that despite the reduction in the Feed-in-Tariff, big energy users such as farmers will enjoy an impressive return on investment in just a few years by installing solar panels.

The firm’s Martin Bleasby said: “While it is true that it’s more difficult for domestic users to earn back their solar panel investment in the short term, that’s not the case for companies and farmers who are high energy users because solar PV panels are still a sound investment with a good return on investment after just a few years.

“We are still getting a lot of enquiries from businesses keen to install solar panels and there is some misapprehension that the Feed-in-Tariff no longer makes this a profitable avenue any longer.

“So, while solar PV panel installations are not the big income generator they used to be they are still a good way of reducing energy costs, particularly for those companies who want to boost their environmental credentials.”

The Beverley-based firm has had a busy order book since last autumn and has racked up some prestigious clients in recent times with businesses who appreciate that solar PV panels can still deliver a big reduction in their energy costs.

One of Discover Energy’s better-known clients last year is the popular tourist attraction The Deep in Hull where a large solar panel installation was fitted and it is performing better than predicted with an excellent rate of return for the cost of the project.

Mr Bleasby added: “The installation of solar PV panels is an excellent way to reduce energy costs and there is still a sound business case for their installation which is hard to deny and anyone contemplating fitting solar panels to utilise the sun’s energy will, after a few years at least, be generating free electricity for their business.”

Discover Energy has established itself as a leading player in the UK’s solar PV panel installation industry and they also offer storage batteries to help encourage businesses and farms to store the electricity they generate during the day for use at other times.

The firm points to energy-intensive outlets such as poultry production units where solar panels can produce energy for use during the day and the batteries can store energy for use during the night.

In addition, Discover Energy also offers clients the potential of going ‘off-grid’ so they do not have to rely on a National Grid connection for their energy supply and can rely on their own production of electricity instead.

For more information about what solar PV panels can do for a business, contact the Discover Energy team on (01377) 219066 or visit their website at

A video explaining the benefits of solar power is available for viewing on YouTube.


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