SEO article writers

Finding SEO article writers who understand the demands of search engines which is to create an article which balances the right tone between being an enjoyable, readable article and making it more attractive for search engines, particularly Google, isn’t easy.

However, that’s where the skills of the SEO article writing team at Urban Media come in because we create, on a daily basis, lots of articles for a range of clients on a number of subjects including finance, motoring and lifestyle.

Experienced SEO article writers

Our growing list of happy clients use our experience as journalists – mostly for national newspapers and magazines – to create interesting SEO articles which will help drive traffic to their websites. Our service as SEO article writers is cost-effective and includes our experience in adding SEO search terms without spoiling the article itself (which Google appreciates!).

With just a few words, we have used the search term ‘SEO article writers’ which was listed on page 2 of Google’s UK pages – without any linking or utilising any dodgy ‘black hat’ techniques. A revamp of the page will see it rise to page 1 – and get a better placing for the world pages where it was listed on page 6

That’s because we understand how to use long tail search keywords to work effectively in the search engines.

What is SEO article writing?

SEO article writing is the ability to utilise the client’s demand for core keywords to be used within an SEO article, SEO blog or SEO content without damaging its standing to search engines. Our skills mean that clients do not have to pay for backlinks, or spend time linking to other sites, because the search engines understand that the SEO article we create has meaning and ‘worth’.

However, don’t expect Urban Media to churn-out low-cost and poorly-written run-of-the-mill SEO articles because they don’t work.

We are experienced SEO article writers who produce well-written and engaging pieces that readers enjoy on a variety of outlets.

SEO article writing is THE most effective form of SEO strategy

We also don’t write articles aimed at keyword stuffing which search engines recognise and penalise. Instead, our aim is to offer insightful SEO articles and SEO blogs that work on a number of levels. The main aim being to meet the expectations of Google, and its fellow search engines, to recognise that the SEO article has ‘weight’ and meaning.

That’s why you need experienced SEO article writers who understand the requirements and deliver every time.

We aren’t cheap SEO article writers by any means but we are among the best!

Contact Urban Media now to find out what we can do for you when it comes to using an SEO article writing team that means business.