Now is the time to get solar PV panels fitted

Martin Bleasby at Discover Energy

Martin Bleasby at Discover Energy says the DECC consultation to reduce the feed-in-tariff is ‘shortsighted’

A fast-growing renewable energy firm in East Yorkshire says that a planned reduction in the feed-in-tariff which pays people and firms for generating electricity with solar PV panels means now is an excellent opportunity for their installation.

Discover Energy also says that the consultation by the Department of Energy & Climate Change to reduce the tariff is short-sighted and will damage many renewable firms in the region.

However, the Beverley-based company has grown quickly in recent years and is planning on evolving its offering to meet the changing market demand.

The firm’s Martin Bleasby said: “The government’s consultation to reduce the feed-in-tariff is hugely disappointing, particularly when the technology is tried and tested and brings real cost savings for those who install it. It is a short-sighted decision.

“However, for any agricultural or commercial business in Hull and East Yorkshire wanting to enjoy reduced energy bills and take the current tariff then they need to act quickly.

“The tariffs look like being reduced from January and I would urge any business, or even domestic householders, wanting to earn an income by generating electricity and reducing their energy bills to get in touch.”

Mr Bleasby says that the renewables industry in East Yorkshire looks set to be changed drastically should the planned tariff reduction be realised.

He added: “Here at Discover Energy we have a number of strings to our bow and offer clients a number of services which will continue but some renewable firms will undoubtedly struggle.

“The government needs to be made aware that the situation is not supporting renewables or encouraging people to become greener.”

Over the coming weeks, Mr Bleasby is hoping to be meeting with his MP, Graham Stuart, to discuss the issue.

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