Drupal experts welcome move to teach coding skills

A fast-growing Drupal developer has welcomed the move to teach youngsters how to code computers as a bold step in the right direction.

London-based City Web Consultants has a growing portfolio of satisfied clients who have switched to the content management system Drupal to help boost their web presence and help grow their sales.

However, the firm has struggled to recruit skilled programmers to help deal with their growing workload and their lead consultant says that teaching youngsters how to program computers will boost the inflow of skilled employees and help keep the UK’s burgeoning IT industry at the world’s forefront.

Teaching programming skills is a win-win

Adam Clarey said: “We have a big problem recruiting – there doesn’t seem to be enough programmers in the country even though UK web developing is a major industry and globally respected. I’ve even had to consider recruiting individuals from around Europe and even South America.

“The UK tech industry is booming and has breezed through the recession for the most part and I think it will only carry on growing as other industries die out.”

He added: “For youngsters to learn early, it will open up a whole world of possibilities that I never had growing up; it was very difficult for me to do anything like that until I went to college. If the youngsters see it as a fun hobby, it will be so much easier for them to transition into a working environment and means they won’t have to start from scratch and be trained from square one.”

UK’s IT industry is a world leader

Mr Clarey voiced his support of the move to teach coding skills to youngsters as schools returned after their long summer break to implement a tougher new curriculum which will incorporate programming skills as well as learning about algorithms and social data use.

Children as young as five will now be taught how to write computer code in a bold move to support the UK’s future IT industry.

As Mr Clary points out, there’s no doubt that there will be lots of jobs for those who take to the subject in the future as the UK’s IT and tech industry continues to grow rapidly.


For more information about City Web Consultants visit their website or call Adam Clarey on 0203 712 0101.

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