Book: Is the Mary Rose warship mystery solved at last?

Author Ray Morris has come up with a startling theory that could explain the 470-year-long mystery about why King Henry VIII’s favourite ship, the Mary Rose, sank off Southsea Castle in 1545. The result is a fictionalised account entitled ‘‘Out of the Blue’’, published by Urban Media Publishing. Buy it now from our bookshop! Ray’s […]

Poignant book remembers the Wootton Bassett repatriation journeys

A former policeman has written a touching book about the repatriation of service personnel killed in Afghanistan and whose journeys spurred the people of Wootton Bassett to stage their own admirable form of respect. Jarra Brown now lives in Cyprus but the former Commando turned police officer has written ‘46 Miles – A Journey of […]

Sacrifice of soldiers highlighted by book

When 345 coffins made their way through the Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett, the impromptu show of respect from townspeople caught the attention of people around the UK and the world. Now the former Commando turned policeman who helped to organise the safe passage of the coffins from RAF Lyneham to Oxford has written a […]

The Deep is one step closer to being ‘greener’

Solar panels have now been installed at one of the region’s best known tourist attractions as it works towards reducing its fuel bill and helping the environment. Award-winning firm Discover Energy won the contract to carry out the installation for The Deep in Hull and a team has spent several days fitting and connecting the […]

Experienced case study writers can make your case study stand out

Here at Urban Media, we have lots of experience in writing articles for business blogs and we have built-up a good reputation for doing so, but a growing part of our work is business case study writing. Our clients like our friendly approach to researching and writing such studies because we turn their business case […]

Coffee powered car in land speed record bid

It looks like a normal old Rover car being raced along a runway to set a speed record but this vehicle is radically different to just about every other car on Britain’s roads – and it may even point in the direction of creating new waste-driven vehicles. Behind one of the most novel world land […]

Carved with pride – wood carvings of war images impress

If a picture speaks a thousand words, how many do these incredible wood carvings say? These powerful images, created by chisel, form a series of relief wood carvings which capture the spirit of the First and Second World Wars. In all, more than 8,000 dedicated hours’ work by 54 talented members of the West Riding […]