Public Relations that work for you

When it comes to public relations that work for you, Urban Media have years of experience working in media and public relations for a wide range of clients. We have delivered some very impressive results using public relations & press releases.

When it comes to public relations you need a cost-effective service delivered by professionals. Indeed, many of our PR people are still having journalism published by national newspapers and magazines. We know what makes the media works because we still operate in it and we won’t pretend that our media knowledge came from a book.

PR isn’t just about telling others that you are the best around, it’s also about building your reputation with good news stories about the business and its employees.

PR for start-ups – let us help you get going!

We are always keen to help start-ups and can offer – along with business associates – a range of SEO tactics which will boost the number of Twitter followers and your internet traffic. The package is cost effective and will help you launch your business!

Check out our testimonials page to see what we have done for other clients and help them become established. We can help with product launches or events.

In addition, Urban Media can use our skills as news writers to help deliver impressive internal communications via newsletters and intranet content.

We can also identify news-worthy stories which can be written up as a Press Releases and distributed to the media. You can learn more about this service here.

Most press releases get binned immediately so you need a firm that knows how to write a release and who to send it to.

If you are needing SEO-strong copy for your website, words for the annual report or even a corporate video – then we are the people to talk to.

Public relations & press releases – let Urban Media get your message heard in a very noisy communications world!