SEO article writers, content creators and bloggers

Urban Media is a small but thriving agency delivering excellent SEO articles, web content and blog entries for a range of websites that help drive up internet traffic.

If you are looking at ways of boosting your online presence, then we can help.

We also write articles for national newspapers and magazines which helps to utilise the years of experience we have built up working in national media and in television.

SEO article writers and SEO content creators

In addition to our SEO work, clients also ask us to write and distribute effective press releases. You can use our experience to gain attention for you, your business or your event.

Urban Media began by creating websites for clients using a Content Management System we had developed. We stopped the CMS work but we still, occasionally, create and run websites for a range of clients.

This year we moved into biography writing for a range of happy clients and we’ve had a great reaction to our work. They make for great gifts.

SEO blog writer

Essentially, we offer a range of writing services for businesses looking to improve their online content with interesting and useful copy. We also offer a service to boost website traffic and increase sales.

We are also particularly keen to help start-ups gain publicity and gain online traffic as quickly as possible.

On top of these services, we can also make you a stylish and impressive corporate video – check out our page on what we can do for you! This is a great and effective way to impress visitors to your website and for YouTube too!