6 great public relations ideas for DIY PR

Sometimes public relations really isn’t all that difficult to do – you just need some pointers and the rest most people can do for themselves.

I’ve put together a list of what could be ‘easy wins’ for anyone who wants to carry out some effective PR for their business – these are particularly good tips for start-ups (and we’ve done a lot of work with start-ups and their PR!).

Case studies provide great PR

The easiest and best way to create PR is to publish a case study of a great project or a happy customer. A well-written business case study will help explain what you do and why potential clients should use your services.

It doesn’t really matter what you do – just ask a happy client if they can feature the work you have done for them in a case study and write the basics of the story. Don’t forget to add photographs and images.

Creating PR with effective newsletters

Another quick and easy trick is to compile a monthly newsletter on things you and your firm have achieved. You should have an email capture form on your website or have some way of people subscribing to your newsletter. In addition, the newsletter should have exclusive deals and offers contained within it to give readers a reason for reading it.

It’s also important that this newsletter is available to download from your site and that the content is posted online somewhere.

Your story could make great PR

One of the most overlooked aspects for creating PR is the story of why you set up the business. If it’s an unusual story or you are taking on the big boys with an unusual niche then your local and business media will be interested.

To help you get thinking along these lines: Did you run a big business before becoming an entrepreneur? Is your business the realisation of a long-held hobby or dream? If you can say yes to any of these questions, then get in touch with your media outlets and they should do the rest for you.

Business achievements make for effective PR

Many businesses cast around for a PR idea on which they can hang a story when some of the best ones are staring them in the face. For instance, is there a major milestone coming up? Have you just found your 1,000th new client, run your biggest ever campaign or even have you seen trade double in the last six months?

You won’t be needing to do much brainstorming on this issue and there will be lots of ‘biggest, best, first’ type of stories you will already have.

Start blogging for your PR

Many people in business, especially those who are just starting out, are seemingly too busy to blog. We are no different here at Urban Media but we are now aiming to do what we tell our clients to do – you need to blog regularly about what you do and why on your blog. This is a very effective shop window for potential clients to find out quickly what they need to know and get a ‘feel’ your firm.

It’s important too that you don’t leave this to just one person and you should have several people blogging – and don’t forget you should do it every week because it looks like a poor show if you set off blogging regularly and then the blogs dry up.

Use other firms and organisations for PR

Of course, you don’t have to do everything yourself since you can tap into the PR efforts for another firm or organisation. This is especially effective if you have a B2B offering and can make an offer to the members of a professional organisation to use your services at a discount. The cost for this is nil to you, the organisation gets to make a fresh useful offer and their members can opt to use you at a discount. In addition, the awareness of your firm and its activities has suddenly get very much larger and into a potential client market.


As stated previously all of this can be done as a DIY PR project and it can be every effective. However, some people may still decide that they want some traditional PR support and that’s OK too – if you want cheap and effective PR then don’t hesitate to contact Urban Media for more information.

Good luck with your PR endeavours!

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